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After deciding that journalism was the career for him, Hugo Driscoll decided to get involved with Concourse. This led him to being shortlisted for The Scott's Trust scholarship and two weeks work experience with The Guardian. Here is what Concourse can do for you!

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SCYTHE "I have a few ancient copies of Scythe dating from the late 50s as I was involved in writing for it and also helping...

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We need you to help us with our freshers issue! Now is your golden opportunity to get something published in print! Here's how you can get involved.

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Directed by Jonathan Glazer, staring Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin follows the story of a woman who seduces men by the roadside late at night in Scotland, Oliver Watson reviews Under the Skin (2013).

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Tuesday, February 18th 1958: The Rag is at the forefront of all minds. WOOP 3 magazine is at this very moment being churned out on...

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Former universities minister David Willetts has been discussing potential changes to the student loan system, suggesting that it could give universities a ‘stronger incentive to focus on graduate jobs’. No official changes have been implemented as of yet, but ministers and officials have been researching an idea that could lead to higher tuition fee charges and changes in loan terms that may affect the way the current education system works.

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The University Library holds an almost complete set of "Cygnet" dating from 1956 to 1982. The only missing issues are now 16 and 19. Other University...

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CYGNET (1952-1964) "When I arrived at Keele in the Autumn of 1954, there was no student newspaper. That didn’t seem right, even though there were...

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Rising from the ashes of numerous local bands, the mini album from Dead City Souls does well to showcase their individual talents, as well as their collective dynamic. While the Stoke-On-Trent music scene has become somewhat overpopulated in the last five (or so) years by both Indie and Metalcore acts; this five-piece offers a rather grand alternative.

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Picture credit: Keele University It’s hard to say exactly when it happens, but at some point after graduation – sometimes during the ceremony itself –...