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Since being back at home for the summer, you've undoubtedly seen the devastating scenes in the newspapers and on the television of the conflict...

Welsh director Gareth Evans’ new  Indonesian martial arts action film The Raid 2 (alternatively called The Raid 2: Berendal) much like its 2011 predecessor...

"A good film to pass the time with, but not enough entertainment or interest to pick up the book and discover more." Concourse reviewer Oliver Hackett-Watson reviews Divergent.

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As part of our Your Summer feature we followed Craig Heath. In June, third year student Craig Heath travelled to Tanzania with Gap Medics. He witnessed a teenage boy from a Masai tribe be diagnosed with malignant hepatoma and help deliver a baby. What did you do this summer?

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On Wednesday 6th August, two British medical students were stabbed to death in Borneo, Malaysia where they were carrying out a six-week work placement...