Sam Fender: Hypersonic Missiles

From the full-throttle sounds on tracks ‘Hypersonic Missiles’, ‘That Sound’ and ‘The Borders’ to the raw honesty and realness on ‘Dead Boys’ and ‘Leave Fast’, Sam Fender’s number 1 debut album is a right proper triumph.

The album Hypersonic Missiles was written, recorded and produced at Fender’s own selfbuilt warehouse studio in North Shields.

When Sam Fender won the BRITs Critics’ Choice award at the tail end of 2018, his name was added to a list of previous winners that includes the likes of Adele, Florence & The Machine, Sam Smith, and Ellie Goulding. It’s a veritable hall of fame but feels a million miles away from the guitar-fueled indie rock that Sam writes. Sam Fender is a rare talent. A 25 year-old musician from the northeast of England who you can see plays every gig as though it might well be his last, armed with this huge, cavernous vocal, guitar strapped on (a Fender, obviously), and fueled by that seemingly old-school belief that great guitar music still has the power to change lives and influence people.

“classic, relentless and anthemic”

In a sea of young, raw, gravelly solo males (looking at you Lewis Capaldi, Tom Walker etc.), Sam is leading the way in individuality, using his musical/ instrumental talents and singing from the heart. It has been a long time since I had a double take moment on a track, but ‘Dead Boys’ (a song that tackles the taboo of male suicide) just stops you in your tracks. Then you are hit with the full Fender force on lead single ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ where you start to question the world around you even more and relate to the how much we do just let the world go round without taking any action.

This album is sonically classic, relentless and anthemic, lyrically thought-provoking and brutal and overall the album that I don’t think is going anywhere in a hurry. Sam has been this years “one to watch” and I think this album only touch’s the surface.

Sam Fender’s debut album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ out now through Polydor Records

A solid debut, album of the year worthy.
Top Tracks
Dead Boys
That Sound
Will We Talk?

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