10 ways to make your student digs feel more like home

Whether you’re living on campus or in private accommodation, your uni room can seem plain, lacking individualism and definitely not Instagram worthy. Making your room comfier doesn’t need to be a chore, here are some simple tips for putting your stamp on your home for the next year.

1. Pick a colour scheme

Your first stop on the decorating train should be to pick a colour scheme. Then you can decorate your room around those colours and shades. It’s probably a good idea to start with your duvet set and other big items and work from there. Having a calming colour scheme can help you relax at the end of a long day.

2. Decorate your pin board

Strangely I found I was the only one of my friends to do this in halls last year, but I was always complimented on my pin board. The bright red and blue pin boards in accommodation don’t normally fit in with the rest of your room and aren’t the most appealing. Think about covering the board in wrapping paper. It’s a decorative, easy and cheap way to make your room a bit cosier.

3. Fairy-lights and bunting

I was lucky enough for a friend of mine to make me bunting as a leaving present and having that in my room was a great home comfort. Battery powered fairy lights is a great idea, so you don’t have to sit in the dark or the harsh lighting from your ceiling or desk light.

4. Photo frames

Having photos of your family and friends in your camera roll is fine but having their photos hidden between the screenshots of this month’s latest tinder match isn’t where you want them. Luckily photo frames are pretty cheap and if you buy plain ones you can always decorate them with decoupage or washi tape.

5. Blankets and Pillows

I can’t stress enough how cosy extra blankets and pillows make your room especially in the winter when Keele can get very cold. Keele might be in the midlands but don’t forget you live on top of a hill.

6. Refillable reed diffuser

If you’re planning on eating in your room and maybe leaving a plate in there for a day (or five) your room isn’t going to smell the best. As your tenancy agreement doesn’t allow for scented candles a reed diffuser keeps your room smelling fresh without any chance of a fire.

7. Artificial Flowers

Most students struggle to feed themselves the right food let alone keep a plant alive. An artificial plant is a perfect alternative and when paired with a diffuser it seems like you’ve got your own garden without any extra hassle.

8. Rugs

No offence to the accommodation team but their carpets aren’t the comfiest to walk on. Having a rug on the floor makes walking around your small space much more comfortable.

9. Storage

Under bed storage or clever ways of shelving means less clutter and mess thrown around your room, which makes for a much more welcoming home.

10. Posters

A poster of your favourite film, franchise or band makes your room individual to you and can easily be stuck up with command strips.

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