5 Ways To Keep Winter Weight At Bay

There is just no getting away from the inevitable Winter Weight Gain.

Its cold outside so lacing up your shoes and going for a run is out,
but lacing up your dressing gown and drinking hot chocolate is in.

There are several theories relating to why we gain weight during the winter period. One of these theories is that in our hunter gatherer days, food was scarce during the winter, so we would over indulge. Apparently, this primal craving to overindulge during the winter period is still within our DNA.

But somehow, I don’t think people will believe that excuse when you have put on 30lbs over Christmas.

The main reason we all put on weight over Christmas is simply because its cold out so we tend to exercise and move less. And, because we are doing less, we tend to find the time to eat more.

That being said, here are my 5 ways to keep the winter weight at bay.

1. Move More

Non-Exercise Thermogenesis or NEAT is the calories you burn from exercise that you haven’t planned, such as walking. NEAT makes up a huge amount of your calories burned throughout the day, and it burns way more calories per week than all your gym sessions combined. That’s because, you may spend 4 hours a week in the gym, but the other 100 hours that you are awake, you are moving around, and that’s all burning calories!

However, it is cold now, so we are not going to be walking around as much, we will be driving everywhere with heating on blast and jingle bells blaring!

So try setting yourself a goal of 8,000 – 10,000 steps a day.You can track this easily via an activity tracker app on your smart phone or by a fitbit.

2. Home Workouts

There is no point kidding yourself, you know as well as I do, you are not going for a run. It’s too cold!

So, trade in your run for a home workout. There are millions to choose from on the internet and in some cases, you will burn more calories than you would on your run.

If you want a home workout that delivers results fast
Try My 30 Days Of Fat loss Challenge below:

3. Sugar

It’s a festive season, so sugar is everywhere!

You probably still haven’t finished all the chocolate and sweets from Halloween, and now you have to find room for mince pies, celebration boxes and after eights.

So, what do you do?
All you can do is manage It!

Set yourself a daily or weekly target to hit with your sugar intake. If you do a complete ban you will just rebound and end up in a corner somewhere with a box of celebrations slipping into a chocolate coma.

Try aiming for one treat a day, or only on weekends.

4. MORE Sugar

Not only do you have chocolate and sweets, you have hidden sugars too!

That lovely latte that you grab from Costa that normally has 200 calories, well….
It’s been sprinkled with magic Christmas dust and is now around 700 calories.
The added chocolate, the gingerbread biscuit on top with the sprinkled sugar, almonds and added cinnamon is all extra calories that you really don’t need. Stick to what you know, or enjoy one every now and then.

5. Chase the Sun

On top of everything above, it does not help that the sun has disappeared for 3 months.

The lack of sun will have an effect on your mood, energy levels and cravings. So combat that by getting Vitamin D wherever you can rather than reaching into the cookie jar. Try out your local tanning salon for a winter glow or get yourself some Vitamin D tablets for a boost.

In summary, don’t hibernate like a Bear this winter. Get out of your cave, move more, don’t overindulge on mince pies and get as much sun as you possibly can!

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