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Nek Nomination: The Latest Craze


Last night I witnessed a hilarious and rather impressive video of a friend drinking an entire jug of alcohol. It’s contents? Black coffee, soya milk, Sainsbury’s basics Vodka, rose wine, schnapps, soy sauce and lemonade. Perhaps bored and insane, it seems that she was ‘Nek Nominated’ – a drinking game in which participants record themselves chugging alcoholic beverages and then challenging others to out drink them in the identical fashion. Twelve hours later and she is now being violently sick…

Considering that ‘Nek Nominating’ has reached the Keele bubble, it must be widespread across the UK. Though, some have taken this a bit too far. The worst case on Facebook displays a person downing a can of Kestrel lager before picking up a dead chicken, then bites the had from the animal, opens his mouth to show it to the camera, and swallows the skull. Oh it gets worse… He then fills a pint glass with vodka, three raw eggs and a cigarette. Naturally, he drinks it.

Where on earth did this craze come from? Apparently it derives from Australia, confirmed by Urban Dictionary: ‘The mating ritual of Aussie Bogans, who in order to demonstrate their penis length/girth and demonstrate their readiness and desire to mate with other Bogans, must chug a full beer on video, and then nominate another Bogan to do the same.‘ I think as far as mating rituals go, my friend definitely proved her penis length. 

This definition was submitted on January 11th by user redthehat, and on the following day, the single topic blog BestNeknominations was launched.  On January 15th, The Daily Mail published an article about the trend. On January 16th, YouTuber Hamudi uploaded a video titled “Ronald McDonald’s Extreme Neknominate,” in which a man dressed in a clown costume drinks copious amounts of alcohol in combination with other drugs. This trend is growing and growing; as of late January 2014, there are over 4,300 results for the search query ‘Nek Nominate’ on YouTube with probably more on the horizon.  

All humour aside ‘Nek Nominating’ is clearly dangerous. Anyone would be a fool not to expect consequences. Then again, when was downing copious amounts of alcohol ever good for you? But it seems that others are committing ridiculous physical acts such as, consuming dead chickens and drinking their own urine to prove their courageousness (#LAD) which are bound to evoke tragedies soon enough. James Varty, acting chief executive of drugs and alcohol charity Kaleidoscope, is reported as saying: “It’s a very concerning game – if it grows in popularity we may well see tragedies.” He’s not wrong here.

Perhaps the most damaging consequence  that us students should be weary of, aside from the health issues, is what it can do to us in the future. Do you think that prospective employers will appreciate videos of you downing obscene amounts of alcohol (and who knows what else?) I cannot say that they will think any better of you. So while it may seem like a lot of fun at the time, the range of negative consequences are no laughing matter.

P.s. I hope my friend gets well soon, you outrageous girl.


Picture found at “”, Accessed 31/1/14

Written by Natalie Emma Ilsley Yo! I'm Nat, a second year English and American Literatures student. I am also Reviews Editor at Concourse! I'm an avid coffee drinker and reader, and adore to spend pass times in coffee shops. See you all in Le Café!

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