For all you sporting enthusiasts, Varsity, one of the biggest sporting events of the year is back with a bang today, starting with American Football.
With 20 events spread over 4 days, ranging from golf to swimming, there is something for everyone to watch. Not only is this a sporting event, Varsity is also a social one as you are able to make new friends, so there are no excuses for you to not support our teams!
With Staffs looking to regain the title (having last won it in 2009), will this be the year of Team Keele once again? Will this year see Keele beat Staffs for the 8th time in a row? Be sure to grab your face paints, banners and any other cheer items to support your very own Team Keele, seeing if we can reclaim the trophy once again, which I have no doubt we will!
To keep up live updates and information about the events, be sure to like the ‘Team Keele’ Facebook page.


26th March: Sunday

American Football, Longton Rugby Club, 2pm

27th March: Monday

Men’s Football, Newcastle Town Football Club, 7pm

28th March: Tuesday

Men’s Rugby, Longton, Rugby Club, 7pm

29th Match: Wednesday

Golf, Wolstanton Golf Club, 10am

Men’s Cricket, Fenton Manor (Arena D & E), 12-2pm

Ultimate Frisbee, Fenton Manor (Arena B), 12-2pm

Tennis, Florence Bowls and Tennis Club, 1pm

Women’s Football, Longton Rugby Club, 1pm

Women’s Hockey, Staffs Uni Astro, 1-3pm

Mountaineering, YMCA, 1-6pm

Swimming, Fenton Manor, 1.30-3.30pm

Men’s Lacrosse, Staffs Uni Grass Pitches, 2-4pm

Netball, Fenton Manor (Arena B), 2-4pm

Women’s Rugby, Longton Rugby Club, 2pm

Men’s Hockey, Staffs Uni Astro, 3pm

Women’s Lacrosse, Staffs Uni Astro, 3-5pm

Men’s Volleyball, Fenton Manor (Arena B), 4-7pm

Futsal, Staffs Uni Sports Hall, 5-7pm

Archery, S-O-T College, 5-9pm

Men’s Basketball, Fenton Manor (Arena B), 7-10pm

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